Thursday, February 9, 2012

The "E" Family

This was a fun family to stitch! They LOVE BYU...probably some of the most die hard fans you will meet! We also had a golfer, ref, hunter & cowboy!

The "H" Family

Family of cowboys (and girls)...and a football player & golfer!

The Pauls

This was a fun one. They brought in a picture and wanted us to do a stitching to look the same. It turned out really cute!

The Hinkleys

This customer has gotten a picture from us every year. They do sibling present exchanges, and that is what he gets for his siblings. We think it's a pretty sweet gift! :)

The "P" Family

This family had a fisher, teacher, football star, volleyball rockstar, wrestling, ballerina, soccer player and track! Fun Fun!